Satellites Relying On Software Are More Vulnerable, Expert’s Opinion

During a press conference, expert’s panel stated that the reliability of space satellites on software is making them prone to cyber attacks. Lisa Callahan told the press that the experts need to reprogram satellites so that one can have an encrypted conversation and can block the third party intrusion.

At present, many operators prefer to use satellites which are software-defined. This process makes them easy to reprogram inside the orbit with ease and they can also be used for several projects. Though these types of satellites are versatile in use, the reprogrammable feature also makes them prone to illegal activities like spying, etc.

While making a press statement Shayn Hawthrone said that due to re-programmability features offered by these satellites, it is very essential to take genuine measures for their safety. Shayn Hawthrone also said that Amazon is making it their prime concern to see whether the security feature of their satellite is up to the mark or not.

Most of the panelists also agreed on the thought that in the upcoming future the Artificial Intelligence will change the satellite industry. They further advocated that due to a drastic change in the AI, programmers have to give more emphasis to cyber-security.

During an exclusive interview, Jeb Linton said that in the future there will be many satellites hovering over the earth where companies will keep their exclusive data. Mr. Linton also said that it is very essential to make satellites fool proof which would provide impeccable security to a company and its customer.

Speaking to the press Chris Johnson said that earlier Boeing had started to develop cyber-security projects for the government but now the company will focus more on the commercial sector. He further stated that in future not far away commercial sector would require a great deal of satellites which orbit around the earth and contain data of a company.

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