Dust On Red Planet To Throw Insight On Water Loss, Storms On Planet

When talking about Mars, dust is there all over it. It is just not a household matter like on earth. For this reason, it is important to understand how this dust on Red Planet can impact the astronauts and their equipment. This is a significant step of caution before they visit Mars.

NASA has always encountered a negative scenario when the Martian storm of dust took place in 2018. During this dust storm, sunlight was blocked on the planet for several weeks. For this reason, Opportunity, one of the special rovers from the agency went obsolete. It was the first time that humans had 8 spacecraft encircling Mars.

This was also the first time that a team of robotic explorers had a chance to witness an event like dust storm on Mars. The impact of dust storms in Mars on the solar system is still under research. The scientists are also looking into the matter how the dust storms altered the climate, water and winds of the Red planet.

These are common dust storms on Mars which take place during summer and springs. These storms usually take place at the Southern Hemisphere. The storms last for approximately 2 days. During this phase, these Martian storms cover areas which are almost of the size of United States. There are such storms taking place at the outer circle of the planet as well. This kind of storms is quite unpredictable and also may last for several months.

Scott Guzewich who is one of the atmospheric scientists of the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland informed they still do not know what causes the variability in the storms. He also commented that they have a new data point to look into from the Summer Storm of 2018. Scott is the lead in the NASA storm investigation.

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