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Britain’s Rly Wants Independent Authority To Review Network

The landscape of British railway is changing with firms adamant to restructure the existing system. The responsible authority has received suggestions on privatizing the management of rail.

Suggestions have been put forth to convey that greater distances be handled by numerous organizations within the respective localities.

Regional bodies may really enjoy the judiciary power over railway, said the Rail Delivery Group (RDG). Their regional director, Robert Nisbet revealed a number of points that they have been working on.

Primarily he spoke about a closely knit railway network to be put in place. A central and structured organization would be looking after this network. A private sector to manage the regulations of railway will be set up, keeping the passengers at the center of planning. In other words, this movement looks to substitute the role of the dissolved Strategic Rail Authority.

Keith Williams is the man responsible to drafting and submitting the new planning. He is the former British Airways’ chief executive. Popular belief, however is that this movement will die down, since such an idea has been floating around the UK ever since 1990, when privatization began.

Williams is entrusted with the job that many have seen fail at. Not only is he responsible for the entire remodeling of British Railway management, he is also expected to successfully convey this model in manner acceptable in the face of the odds that stand against him.

The existing model of rail companies bidding to run franchises for an allotted period is certainly flawed, since government intervention is constantly required. The Virgin group, tied with Stagecoach has gotten their bids rejected over a numerous reasons from Department for Transport (DfT).

The change in train schedules have left the passengers at the mercy of these ill-functioning franchises. This brings the need for a reorganization sooner rather than later.

Keith Williams’ draft is expected to be out in autumn, which will decide the fate of British Railway for good.

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