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Children And Teen Death Rate Goes Down, Disability Rate Increases

A new study suggests as the World population crisis is at its peak, a higher number of children are able to reach towards adulthood. But the bitter truth is that the rate of disabilities amongst these children is increasing as well.

In a journal published research on Monday, Pediatrics have discovered that the global child-adolescent deaths have decreased by 51.7% and the disability rates in children have increased by 4.7% over a period of 27 years from 1990 to 2017. Other studies which were included in the Global Burden of Disease report 2017, has speculated diarrhea, lower respiratory tract infections and acute malnutrition to be one of the most serial killers of children and adolescents. Also, the death count among the group fell to 6.64 million in 2017 from 13.7 million in 1990.

Contrary to less-developed countries where respiratory infections, diarrhea as well as malaria with neonatal disorders with birth flaws were the main reason for disability, High-developed countries disability rates were affected by birth defects, headache, dermatitis, neonatal diseases, and anxiety.

In a study for death and disability of people till 19 from 195 nationalities, the regions of Central, sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa had the greatest decline in childhood deaths. While the area of Latin America, South, and East Asia had the highest rates. The researchers of this study attributed better sanitation, vaccinations, and nutrition for these improvements. Targeting malaria and STD’s was also one of the deciding factors in Africa.

As the number of children’s surviving until adulthood increases, better youth-oriented facilities will have to be developed. All these countries will need to make long-term investments in various sectors including education, health care, and support systems. These newly constructed systems may need further investments upon supply chains, governance and high support for the adolescents to survive through this stage.

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