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Russian Spacecraft Sends Images Of Far Lunar Side

Gazing above and noticing a bright white orb shining in the sky, is what we love to do. The moon has always been a part of our history since ancient times. The face of the moon we witness today was the same that our earliest ancestors had observed as the moon reflected its light from the earth towards the surface of the earth.

The far side of the moon or popularly coined as the far side of the moon was out of our reach for generations. It was USSR in 1959 who was the first to explore this completely mysterious side of the moon. Luna 3 mission used its cameras to capture the pictures from the far side and transmitted it back for the human beings to see. It was the first time, that people and scientists alike were observing the unknown side of the moon.

The reason moon always has its one side face toward the earth is due to a phenomenon called tidal lock. As the Earth and Moon are in such close proximity, they exert their gravitational force upon the opposite bodies. This force slows the movement of both the bodies and restricts them in a confined orbit. This locked rotation of the moon and slowed revolution of the earth upon its own axis gives reason to its tidally locked orbits.

As the technology has advanced, Rover missions were sent to investigate both the sides in detail. Researchers intend to use the resources available on the Moon to establish a base which can be used for future Space missions. In such effort, water was discovered by NASA’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite and LRO beneath the Moon’s north and south poles. Water can be broken into lighter elements such as oxygen and hydrogen to be used as fuel and breathing.

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