Nurx Shipped Returned Birth Control Pills To New Customers

Matt Cronin used to work in the customer service section of Nurx which was a start up that was based in San Francisco which sold prescription drugs online. Now Cronin’s job was to manage the inventory of the birth control pills of Nurx.

Cronin said that the pills used to hang in a shoe organizer’s pockets inside a closet. He added that the pills were shipped to the customers of Nurx from partner pharmacies and ended up at Nurx office when the mail bounced back. He was assigned by his supervisors to mail the medications to various Nurx customers who hadn’t received the pills. This was unusual. The state and federal laws usually require the prescription drugs dispensed through licensed pharmacy and they prohibit the pharmacies from delivering returned medicines for safety concerns.

Cronin said that the way a pharmacy would have its inventory; Nurx office too had an inventory fro medication. He added that the closet was filled with birth control pills. Cronin has no training in pharmacy. As per the statements of Cronin and eight former employees of the company, the closet with pills showed how Nurx worked on a very unusual method where growth was made the priority.  Nurx is in the new generation of startups which looks at toppling the conventional medicine by connecting physicians to people who could prescribe these and marketing these prescription drugs online.

Some say that this approach can improve the access to drugs such as pills of birth control, but for some these sites’ practice of merging commerce with medical care in unusual ways have raised concerns as the companies function in regulatory vacuum which could raise the risks of public health. Apart from reshipment of returned medicines, Nurx executives have also tried to revise the policy of birth control for women above 35, even as the medical laws of state prevent people without licenses to influence the policy.

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