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Pepsi Drops Plans To Advertise In Space

A major company of soft drinks has said that it will cease pursuing plans of advertising its products out in space with the help of a startup based in Russia. By dropping this plan, the company seems to be aiming to avoid high chances of public criticism and backlash. The publication called Futurism reported on April 13 about the Russian subsidiary of PepsiCo working in collaboration with the startup called Start Rocket. They were aiming at advertising the upcoming energy drink named as “Adrenaline Rush” with the use of satellites.

To achieve this objective, the company had proposed to fly a group of small-sized satellites in a particular formation. These would reflect sunlight using Mylar sails, thus, creating create logos as well as different advertising messages, which would be visible from earth’s surface before sunrise and after sunset.

The website further stated that since space is beautiful, the best and top brands on the sky will amaze people. In a particular illustration seen on the website of Start Rocket, the logo belonging to a hypothetical soft drink seller called “Loca Cola” is seen in the sky over some city at night. Speaking on behalf of PepsiCo Russia, Olga Mangova, told Futurism about the company’s agreement on a partnership with Start Rocket for an advertising campaign at the orbital level. She further said that orbital billboards can be expected to be the newest revolution in the communications market.

But the idea has been shot down by the headquarters of PepsiCo in the U.S.A spokesperson for the company confirmed that the exploratory test regarding stratosphere advertisements performed by Start Rocket, using the logo of Adrenaline Game Changers was a standalone effort and the company has no future plans of testing or commercially using this technology currently. The company chose not to elaborate on nature of the exploratory tests. However, it seems to be referring to high-altitude tests involving balloons, in collaboration with the Skolkovo Technology and Science Institute in Russia.

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