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Medicare For All System To Create Imbalance In The National Health System

During a press meeting, David Wichmann had given a warning to investors that agendas like Medicare facilities for all would cause disruption in the health system of United States. In the past, many officials had advocated to eliminate health insurance and provide Medicare for every other citizen of America.

In one of the public events, Senator Bernie Sanders had brought up a bill forward which would provide health insurance for every other US citizen. On April 16, 2019, Wichmann talked directly to investors and said that the present policy would cause disruption between the relation of a doctor and his patient. He further said that this process will also not allow clinical practitioners to practice and would ultimately destabilize the health of the country.

Wichmann further said that the present situation will ultimately cause a burden on the government which would result in loss of jobs and recession. Contrary to the statements made by David Wichmann, most of the citizens of US preferred to acquire Medicare facility. During a survey, around 56% of people voted in support of national health policy.

According to analysts, the US healthcare industry has the worst performance during Q1. On April 15, 2019, it only raised about 4.7% before the market closed down for the day. Contrary to this, Dow Jones and S&P had recorded a rise of 13.35% and 16.12%. At present, the government of the US is trying to challenge the health insurance policy which was signed by Barack Obama.

Recently, the Congressional Budget Bureau estimated that due to overthrowing the health care policy, US would have 32 million uninsured people within the next 7 years. On April 16, 2019, United Health disclosed its Q1 earning which was way too much as it was expected by the Wall Street. The sole cause of such surge in earning was impeccable pharmacy management as well as health plans.

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