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Microsoft Confirms Yet Another Data Breach By Hackers

During the starting of the present year, millions of passwords and emails have got compromised due to hacking activities on Microsoft’s platform. Yet again, Microsoft is facing similar hacking activity in which many people have suffered data leak.

Through an email, one of the spokesperson of Microsoft made it clear that due to the present hacking activity, the company has blocked the access of perpetrators and have taken necessary measures to conceal the credentials that were compromised.

According to sources, Microsoft made it clear that a hacker wasn’t able to read the message sent and received by a user. The company further said that hackers were only able to read the email address of sender and receiver as well as the subject of the email. After the present breach, Microsoft has advised all of its users to change their passwords as a proactive measure.

Microsoft has also informed its users that hackers have compromised their accounts after stealing the credentials of support agents. Spokesperson also stated that after the credentials came into light, they were disabled by Microsoft. The Company also made its users aware that in future they may also be able to witness various phishing emails.

Spokesperson of Microsoft also foretells users that they should not open an email if they receive from an unknown source. Furthermore, users were also advised to stay away from emails which ask for payment or personal information. According to sources, some of the accounts that were compromised belong to the European Union.

At present, it is unknown how hackers got credentials of the service provider. Some of the analysts also speculate whether the service provider works for a third party or not. Due to the extensive use of the internet for personal and professional communication, hackers have started to target email accounts as they hold exclusive data of the user. Furthermore, web developers have also created a site which helps users to check if their accounts have been breached or not.

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