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Price Of Tesla’s Fully Autonomous Cars To Increase

On April 13, 2019, the CEO of Tesla tweeted that from May 1, 2019, customers will have to pay little extra for autonomous vehicle functionality. At present, vehicles manufactured by Tesla aren’t automated, but Elon Musk has started to showcase his interest in fully automated cars.

Since the cost of a fully automated vehicle is around $5000, Musk through his tweet suggested that Tesla would provide a similar facility to its customers for about $3000. On Aril 22, 2019, Tesla is preparing to make its customers and investors aware of the features of the autonomous driving vehicle.

Back on April 11, 2019, one of the spokesperson of Tesla stated that autonomous driving feature will provide help to the driver to effectively steer the ride. The official also said that unlike the past, autonomous cruise control feature can be considered as a common feature.

At present FSD feature of autonomous vehicle costs around $5000. The FSD feature provides the ability to a driver to summon the vehicle and also provide a feature to effectively change lane on a highway. In the initial stage, the driver has to feed in the destination address and the vehicle would then move on its own.

Tesla is also working on improving the FSD feature through software updates. The company also made an announcement where it has stated that in future FSD driven vehicles will also be able to read traffic lights. According to sources, Tesla is working on Hardware 3 which will make its 3, X and S models more efficient and intuitive. On April 13, 2019, Musk made it clear that Tesla will start to swap Hardware 3 chipset into its existing models, in the upcoming future.

Musk had a vision for a fully automated vehicle since 2016, back then the company had also raised fund for the project. At that time, Elon Musk had stated that a fully automated vehicle will be a reality in the future.

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