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Lyft, Uber Are Distinctly Different From One Another

It becomes tough to identify the difference between Uber and Lyft at first sight as both of them offer rides of bikes, cars, and scooters according to the demand of people. They are dependent on a large number of employees. Among them, some drivers work for both companies. These companies also share some large investors. But the basic difference which can be seen between these two is, Uber wants to become a big organization like Amazon and Lyft is trying to become a transportation company.

On Thursday, paperwork filed by Uber said that it is going to bring so many offers for the public this year. After clarifying the current plan of providing company’s driving services, Uber has a persistent approach towards its meal delivery and freight shipping services. In a letter sent to market shareholders, the CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi said that the company is continuously trying to break the old boundaries for doing maximum work in the field of organizations and food industry.

Last month before Uber IPO estimation, co-founder of Lyft John Zimmer said that their company is not interested in any kind of added businesses like food and trucking. He added, the company is only focusing on trends of consumer transportation.

Though Lyft and Uber going is to lead in future city infrastructure and transportation but these two companies keep reminding their diverse ambitions, planning, and approach through their statements and reports at regular intervals of time.

Uber and Lyft are going to put an end to car ownership basically in the US with new options of transportation. But Uber is just not dependent on the US market, it is continuously approaching to get capitalized and uplifted to the whole world.

In the last of February, the Uber CEO said that their cars are their important asset, in the same way as Amazon’s assets are books. He declared that their company wants to work like Amazon in the field of transportation.

The company keeps updating in its reports that they see Amazon as their competitor in the business of Uber Eats, but on the side, Lyft has not mentioned in any of its context that they see Amazon as a competitor.

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