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Study Reveals Cyber-Attacks Affect Key Installations

Cyber-attacks have become quite prevalent these days and the number of key installations that have fallen victim to it is pretty alarming. To put the situation into a better perspective, a study was conducted which recently revealed a sudden increase in the number of cyber-attacks for the last couple of years which has been successful in putting a few systems completely out of action.

Ponemon University conducted this survey on the security sectors of 6 countries which also included the UK and the result that they published revealed that 90% of them have been under cyber-attack recently. The people who were questioned for this study belonged to the energy, transport and health sectors and the revelation is actually being considered as a wake-up call for a department that allegedly under-reports any such incident. Another conclusion drawn from the report is the fact that most of the security centers were equipped enough to deal with this relentless onslaught.

To discuss the study by the Ponemon University, a leading institute that is known for its work on privacy and security, the six countries that were involved were Germany, Japan, Mexico, Australia, UK, and America. When an anonymous poll was conducted on about 700 professionals who work in this particular department, 9 out of 10 said that the organization that they were part of was subjected to a cyber-attack sometime or the other. The more astonishing part is the fact that some said that the number went up to 3 to 6 times in the past two years. What this resulted in is a long period of downtime as the systems were either completely knocked out or had to be shut in order to repair the damages.

This disturbing number has other significance, the after-effects of cyber-attacks are not theoretical anymore, and they are becoming a reality more often than not. The professionals blame it on the fact that there has been a massive proliferation in smart devices and sensors which contributed to this problematic situation considerably.

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