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Verizon’s 5G Fails; Early Tests Report It As ‘Difficult And Complicated’

There has been a lot of speculation about the 5G network which is supposed to be the fuel of the future instrumental for the success of automated cars and smart cities. Verizon launched its 5G services in Chicago and Minneapolis but tests performed by Verge and CNET have revealed that it is not as good as it was expected to be.

The test performed by CNET was done using a Moto Z3 phone and a $200 accessory necessary for working 5G at this particular time. According to the reports released by CNET, even when sitting right next to a node which claimed to be 5G, the on-screen icon on the phone continuously toggled between a 4G and a 5G network. Only one Speed Test could be performed with a Galaxy S10 phone which is primarily a 4G phone. Even the Verge said that the network quality is so sparse that at this moment they would not recommend anyone to take the 5G Moto Mod and also pay $10 extra money to Verizon to upgrade to the 5G service.

However, Verizon has given an explanation for the toggle in the network though. According to them, the working of the feature in the past is pretty dissimilar to how it works now. The 5G service will show in the mobile-only when someone specifically uses the 5G spectrum, otherwise, it shows as a 4G-LTE only. CNET counter-argued saying that games took a lot of time to download in the 5G network which was almost similar to 4G. Some shows in Netflix even failed to download making the users feel frustrated and confused.

The issue could have been with the server from which the applications were being downloaded or the file in general, there is no conclusive evidence. The fact is that when 4G was launched, it faced similar criticism and slowly picked up the pace. Maybe it is too early to give any verdict based on the tests by CNET and the Verge, but the first signs are not really positive.

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