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Healthy Gut Bacteria Likely To Treat PCOS

A recent study states that polycystic disease symptoms can increase if there is an increase in the amount of healthy bacteria in the gut. Polycystic is a very common type of endocrine disease in women. This fact got revealed when an experiment was carried on the mice. The detailed results of the experiment will be announced at the annual meet of the Endocrine Society. This meeting will be held at Orleans which is in Los Angeles. The meet has been organized on Monday and is called ENDO, 2019.

The research was carried on by the same group of scientists who released a data stating that the bacterial composition in women gut (who suffers from PCOS) is less varied than in male gut. They have also suggested that if the microbiome content in the gut can be changed via prebiotic/probiotic therapy that might be a solution to PCOS. This has been informed by a senior researcher at the University Of California San Diego School Of Medicine, which is situated at La Jolla. This is based out at Calif.

The Hormone Health Network has informed that almost 10% of women across the world, who are in the age of child birth, suffer from PCOS. The institute has not been able to give a cause of this issue. While PCOS cannot be cured, the symptoms can be controlled by bringing change in diet and also by exercising. The major symptoms of PCOS are, cystic follicles found in ovaries, high levels of testosterone, excessive hair on the body, irregular or missing menstrual cycles, obesity and resistance to insulin. The long term health issues caused by PCOS include infertility, complications in pregnancy, high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. In this research, PCOS was induced in female mice to check the effect of the same.

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