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Researchers Develop Animal Model Of Schizophrenia For Better Understanding Of The Disease

The neuroscientists of the Queensland University have good news for the researchers around the world. They have invented a new animal model for schizophrenia. This will help all the researchers across the planet to understand the disease in a better way and develop new types of treatments.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder. In this health condition, people become in-cognitive and have some alterations in behavior. Almost 7 people out of 1000 get affected by this disease. Unfortunately there has been limited number of researchers in this field. The common symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations and difficulty in perceiving the real scenario. The main neurological cause for the disease is still unknown. There is an urgent need for better treatment and more research in this domain. The animal model is believed to help the scientists get a better answer to their queries regarding the disease.

The only information available to the scientists regarding this disease is, after schizophrenia affects human brain, or starts altering the way dopamine works. This is the neurotransmitter for the brain and is sometimes even referred as the Reward Molecule. The disease increases the effectiveness of dopamine at a particular area in the brain, known as striatum. This information has been provided by Professor Darryl Eyles, who is involved in the study at the Queensland Brain Institute. As per a new research, the impact is more at the upper zone of striatum. The ventral striatum has been the main focus of study all these years it that area is not so much affected as the dorsal zone. Now a deeper analysis is required that why excessive dopamine release in the dorsal region of the striatum causes schizophrenia. Also, what happens to the other parts of the brain when it gets affected with this disease must be understood.

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