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SBA Chief Resigns From Her Post—Recent Report

President Donald Trump has announced that current chief of Small Business Administration Linda McMahon will step down from her current post to take on campaigning responsibilities for re-election of Mr. Trump. He announced this development during a regular Q & A session with reporters at the Mar-a-Lago club located at southern Florida in which Ms. McMahon was also present. While praising the work done by her since she had been given the responsibility from Feb 2017 he stated that she would be leaving to aid his re-election campaign. The matter of McMahon’s stepping down to lead the America First Action was reported earlier by NBC News.

Trump called McMahon – Former Entertainment executive of World Wrestling, a superstar that had done an incredible job. Praising her achievements in glowing words he said that though he knew she was a good choice for the post he did not expect her to perform so outstandingly. Ms. McMahon speaking on the occasion stated that it was a lifetime honor to work at her government post as it gave her an opportunity to serve the country as administrator and the resignation would be effective as of April 12, 2019.

She has enjoyed consistent praise from President Trump as both shared common background as rank outsiders in the political arena and had instead spent their years in building large businesses. Throughout her tenure as chief of Small Business Administration the department remained free of scandals. Trump stated that he would be nominating someone else for the position soon and his pick would be someone really good for the responsibility that will be well known to the internal circle of Mr. Trump’s confidants. With departure of Ms. McMahon the administrative division will have four empty key positions comprising of White House Chief of Staff, Defense Secy. and also of Interior Secy. The three positions are now being managed by acting replacements.

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