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Anti-Abortion Clinics In The US Get $1.7mn Grant

The US government has announced that it will grant $1.7 million to family planning centers and clinics that are opposed to abortion and contraception. Obria group which brands itself as a “pro-life clinic” stated late this week that it will receive grant to provide services to aid family planning for residents of California as per a details published in The Hill magazine. This decision of the government to fund an organization like Obria signals move towards religious groups that oppose contraception and abortion. This shows their opposition towards clinics like Planned Parenthood that is the large provider of reproductive health services across US which also includes abortion.

Founder and CEO of Obria Group Kathleen Eaton Bravo stated that today many women like to visit a comprehensive family health care facility that is manned by professionals that understand their reproductive needs instead of a regular abortion clinic – and this grant will provide the choice. These clinics will offer services related to pregnancy tests and counseling followed by prenatal care with tests like ultrasound, HIV/AIDS, pap smears well-woman care and cancer tests. They also have test and treatment services for STD followed by adoption referrals and support for miscarriage and abortion.

According to president and CEO of Essential Access health whose group is likely to receive grant of $21 million under this plan for providing similar services in California stated that she is concerned about Obria Group entering the arena as they do not provide comprehensive contraceptive options for women. She expressed her dissatisfaction upon entering Obria group into this field. Late last week the US administration also cut down funding to some affiliates of Planned Parenthood. These stripped affiliates used to serve regions of North Carolina, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Ohio and Virginia and used to attend to more than 40,000 patients on a regular basis.

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