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Salesforce Researcher—Rumors About AI’s Ability To Create Fake News Is Overhyped

Concerns over Artificial Intelligence ability to make fake news, is a bit overhyped, according to Richard Socher, the chief scientist at software company Salesforce.  He said that fake news usually has an agenda behind it which an Artificial Intelligence does not have. An Artificial Intelligence can also be used to superimpose an image onto another person which can be used to create misinformation and spread rumors.

Socher, who is an expert in the field of machine learning, said that he believes people are more capable of generating fake news rather than an AI. He further reinstated that this issue is not on his priority list. Instead, the concerning point for him is a possible potential bias in the making of an AI and the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on the jobs. He said, now that we know an AI works, it’s time to think about the impact it can have on humans.

According to Socher, an AI holds a mirror in front of humans as the algorithm processes data that is generated through human actions before filtering them in accordance with the automating process. Thus, it is important to create an AI, which does not discriminate or favors something, he added. On the topic of the impact of AI on jobs he said, the fear being created that AI can take your jobs overnight is too much exaggerated. Those who will lose their jobs because of AI should be taken care of by the government and the companies, said Richard Socher.

When asked about the future of Artificial Intelligence, Socher said that he is more optimistic in the long-term as compared to the short-term because of the concerns cited above. He further added that AI will have a big impact on productivity and will create a larger impact than the internet.

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