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YouTube, FB Set For A Drastic Shift In Europe Post The EU Copyright Law

Most of the Facebook and YouTube users in Europe are about to witness a drastic change in the social networking and video sharing sites. In a recent event, the parliament of Europe made some changes in the copyright laws of the European Union. Most of the critics are against the policy as they fear that it can disrupt the internet’s neutrality altogether.

The copyright law was introduced in the European Union back in 2016; the law has two basic parts which will cause scrutiny on several social networking companies. The copyright law has introduced article 11 as well as 13. Due to the present copyright law, Google News will have to face drastic changes as it has to provide the license to publishers for article sharing.

Furthermore, with the onset of article 13, social networking sites have to make sure that they aren’t vulnerable to breaches related to copyright violation. Most of the analysts are stating that the tech companies will have to pre-filter everything before they place it on their platform.

Due to the onset of articles, YouTube has already started to take stringent actions in this regard with its content ID software. Some of the professional vloggers have started to fear that the present algorithm used by YouTube and stringent actions imposed by article 13 would even start to strict filter the content on the platform.

While speaking to the press Kathy Berry stated that most of the internet platforms have to prevent its users to upload infringing content on their site. She further stated that the present endeavor will help most of the European Union to get digital services free of duplicate content.

During a press conference concerning authorities of Google as well as Twitter stated that the present laws of the European Union will damage the creativity of online artists. Facebook further stated that it will collaborate with several parties, for the proper alignment of the rules with all the member states of the European Union.

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