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Ex NSA Contractor Who Stole Data, Pleads Guilty

Harold T Martin, an ex-computer contractor who had stolen terabytes from NSA has been automatically convicted after he pleaded guilty in the court of law. Though pleading guilty in the court made some charges drop against Martin, but he may be sentenced to jail for nine long years.

After Mr. Martin pleaded guilty, prosecutors dropped, near about 19 charges which include spying. According to sources, Mr. Martin had stolen 50 terabytes of data which is considered the biggest breach in the history of America. Investigators have found six top secret files from the possession of Mr. Martin.

While addressing the press, the justice department said that such a breach in the security of the US may lead the country in grave danger. Few analysts also stated that such a great deal of information hoarding might be because Mr. Martin had worked for the NSA in the past. Mr. Martin had worked for about 20 years at the National Security Agency.

Contrary to this, lawyers hired by Mr. Martin stated that he had done such a thing because of mental instability. They further said that Mr. Martin didn’t want to harm his country in any possible manner. Back in 2016, when the probe was done, investigators didn’t found any data from Mr. Martin as back then they were busy probing other people who were found guilty of hoarding classified information.

Primarily, a whistleblower named Edward Snowden as well as Shadow Brokers released information regarding capabilities as well as activities of NSA. Shadow Brokers is the name of a hacking group. The court has chosen the month of July 2019 when they will give sentencing to Mr. Martin. The court will also deduct 30 months from the interim sentencing of Mr. Martin. NSA of the US comes under the Director of National Intelligence.

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