US Maligns Huawei Due To Its Inability To Compete And Loser Attitude—Huawei

While speaking to the press agencies, one of the concerning figures of Huawei stated that since United States of America has a loser attitude so it is trying relentlessly to smear the name of the company. During the press event which was conducted on Friday, Guo Ping said that there is no telecommunication company in America which can compete with Huawei. The press meet took place at the Huawei’s headquarters in China.

Previously, analysts of Washington had reported that the Chinese telecommunication company may spy at important issues of the country. Due to this, the Trump government had to put a ban on Huawei. Contrary to the allegations imposed by the US government, Huawei is planning to sue the Trump government stating their constitution as irresponsible.

During the press event, Guo had also stated that though the US has imposed a ban on Huawei, it has confidence over its customers. Mr. Guo also assured that economies which will stand with Huawei will witness a revolutionary change in their digital economy. When Guo was asked about the allegations made by the US against Huawei he said that doing so will be like committing suicide.

At present, Huawei has been banned in the US as well as in Australia while other nations are taking help of Huawei in establishing the 5G network. Contrary to Huawei’s assurances, most of the analysts stated that it is mandatory for a company to comply with the government’s laws. They further said that if the Chinese government asks Huawei to provide information of American citizen then the company has to do so.

The government of UK has warned that Huawei may cause a great threat to the telecommunication sector of the country, but didn’t take the necessary steps to put a ban on the company. 5G network basically provides faster downloading speed and will also bring a revolutionary change in self-driving automobiles.

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