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Twitter Flags Trump Tweets That Are In Violation Of Its Policies

Twitter is thinking of labeling those tweets that violate the company’s rules. The tweets will be on the platform as these tweets are in public interest. Vijaya Gadde of Twitter made this announcement on Wednesday during an interview. By this new development, Twitter is making an effort to find a way to maintain its standards when it comes to offensive tweets from politicians and other famous figures that are significant for a debate publicly. Some critics have criticized Twitter by saying that Trump’s tweets mostly violate the rules against dehumanization, threats and bullying.

Wants to find a way to keep the tweets for its news worthiness and see if a tweet violates the rules of the platform. She added that they are working on how to label the offensive tweets and how can they put a context to it so that people know that the content is violating the rules and if it is there on the platform it is serving a purpose. Donald Trump often insults people. Although offensive tweets are usually removed from the platform, but it makes an exception for leaders and for tweets that it considers important.

Gadde added that this does not give immunity to leaders and that the company would draw a line when it comes to some content.  She said that an example of drawing a line would be a direct life-threatening tweet against a person that would pose a danger to that individual. Twitter did not comment how it is planning to label content and when this system would be introduced. She also added that Gadde said Twitter is thinking of restricting the visibility of offensive tweets. In order to view the tweet, a user will have to click so as to see the tweet, she said. Facebook announced on Wednesday that it is banning on its platform all kind of support, praise and representation of white separatism and nationalism.

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