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Several Nations Are Against Trump’s Decision Over Israeli Authority On Golan

The U.S. President Donald Trump officially announced that the region Golan Heights, which was occupied by Israel in the Year 1967, is under Israel’s sovereignty. This announcement appeared to be irrelevant for the majority of the nations including several U.S. allies too. A few days back Syrians residing in different nations protested Trump’s decision.

A joint statement was issued by the representatives of the five EU members of the United Nations Security Council—Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, and Poland—in which it was mentioned that they don’t notice Israel’s ruling over the acquired Golan Heights region.

On Monday, Trump together with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, officially approved the declaration, invalidating the U.S. policy of more than 50 Years across the regions of the Middle East.

In regards to sovereignty, Israel disputed with other nations by saying Golan Heights is purposefully an essential region for them, as the plateau is required to protect themselves from Iran and allies.

According to the news telecasted by the Syrian Arab News Agency, Syrians were protesting against the decision in the southern city of Swedia and Daraa. People were also protesting in several cities of Aleppo.

Syria criticized the U.S. step by mentioning it as a violation of international law. Even the Foreign Ministry has similar reviews regarding Trump’s move.

Some of the U.S. Allies and Gulf Arab states visualize Iran as a regional threat and supported the revolt against Assad, also criticizing the U.S. step.

Some of the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain formally criticized the U.S. But Gulf Arab states were suspected to put pressure on Trump for changing the decision. Though, Saudi sovereign greeted the tough decision taken by Trump against rival Iran. But the decision will possibly disturb the peace and stability in the Middle East region.

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