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Google Added “Mars On Earth”—Report

If you ever have a curiosity to know about the Red Planet’s living conditions then Google will help you to know the details.

Recently, Google Street View has included the snaps of Devon Island to its images. The island is the largest unoccupied island on Mars. An unlivable island which is a deserted area in the Canadian Arctic has its landscape and climate closest to the environments of the Mars and it has been nicknamed as Mars on Earth. Google has also developed a website for Devon Island which is known for its polar-desert climate and barren, rocky terrain and they are impeccable for the scientists who visit the place every summer to brace for future explorations to the Mars. Google closely worked with the researchers of the Haughton Mars Project. According to the website, the project aspects at various technologies, training methods and strategies for future missions to the Red Planet, including Earth’s moon and other planetary bodies. The HMP’s website added that the Haughton crater which is 23-million-year-old resembles the Red Planet surface in many ways when compared to any other place on our planet.

Haughton crater has a 20-kilometer-wide impact structure and it was once covered by a huge lake. The crater is formed by an asteroid which was so powerful that scientists evaluate that it took almost 10 seconds to dig up to its original depth of 1.6 kilometers and hence wiped out all life on the surface of our planet for hundreds of kilometers around. According to Google Earth, hydrothermal systems along with hot springs got triggered due to the impact of Haughton and it has transferred a huge amount of heat into the ground. Hot springs and hydrothermal systems remained active for decades after the impact. Apart from the images, the company has also uploaded a video. This video is uploaded on YouTube to give viewers an idea about the topography and terrain.

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