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EU Plans Speed Limit Tech Mandatory For All Vehicles By 2022

The European Union looks all set to introduce speed-limiting technology for all types of vehicles, as a part of a vision to stop all road deaths by 2050. The speed limiting technology is set to be mandatory for all types of vehicles by 2022. The decision was taken after the new set of rules was agreed upon by the EU. The public campaigners agreed upon the move and welcomed it.

Road safety organization, known as ‘Brake’, called this decision by the EU as an important landmark and also urged the United Kingdom to adopt the same regulation. The Automobile Association (AA) however said in a statement that ‘a little speed ‘is helpful for overtaking and joining of motorways.

The safety measures introduced by the European Union commission include various modern safety and vehicle technologies such as ISA (Intelligent speed assistance), lane keeping technology and emergency braking systems that are more advanced in nature.

Elzbieta Bienkowska, who is a commissioner of the EU, said in a statement that almost 25,000 people die on European Union roads in a year, the majority of these accidents are caused by the driver and human errors. In the UK, there are more than 1700 people that die every year in road accidents. According to a report by Brake, speed is a complementary factor in about 1/4th of all the lethal accidents.

There are various other safety measures that are approved which include improvement of vision for truck and bus drivers, blind spots removal. Other features include warning technology in case of drowsiness of the driver and data recorder in case of an unfortunate accident which can be used for further research.

European Transport Safety Council welcomed the decision but reminded that it can take months for the EU Council and Parliament to approve the regulations.

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