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Airlines Resort To Minimal Safety Training

The airlines manufacturer keep safety training to bare minimum to keep the costs low, as said by the head of UK’s committee of flight safety (as members, the committee has safety regulators, aviation world representatives, major airlines and manufacturers).

The focus has shifted to pilot training after flight number 302 of Ethiopia Airline’s (Boeing 737 Max) accident. In this incident all 157 passengers were killed. Boeing asserted that safety has always been in its highest priorities.

Two points to think on are Ethiopian Airlines has firm belief in Boeing and there is significant similarity to the Indonesian crash.

To get a sign off for more training of its crew, the airline is forced to argue with own financial people, said Mr Whittingham. With the manufacturers, money did play a big part, added Mr Whittingham. So as to keep the cost of airplane down, the manufacturers refrained from huge training bill in the interest of the client.

Ethiopian Airline’s accident was second in five month time. Previously, a Lion airliner had crashed in October, in Indonesia, leaving all 189 passengers dead.

Although there seems to be similarity in both of the accidents, the Black Box details are yet to come. No one in particular is questioning the lack of training, but the incident now has doubts in circulation. Talking about pilots, they are reluctant to speak out, many times due to contract or otherwise. Of a few people who have expressed their concern, is Karlene Petitt. She has 40+ years of experience and has trained many pilots for over 21 years. Recently, she has completed her PHD concerning airline safety. In her four year study, she surveyed 7000 pilots on training and safety.

Based on her research, she identified training to be moving in a different direction. She says that the pilots more often learn aircraft systems on their own. No ground practice is there to assist. Many institutions have many things to their claim, but the difference between structured learning and theoretical training is obvious. There is a big cost involved in simulator based training and thus avoiding the same brings in a cheaper proposition. For the pilots involved in Boeing 737 (MAX 8) required an extra hour of training towards the differences involved in basic 737, as a minimum required training for a pilot undergoing upgrade.

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