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ESA, NASA Will Examine How Artificial Gravity Can Maintain Astronauts Healthy

Notwithstanding what your own individual notion of a dream job may be, one has to confess that being salaried to laze around in bed sounds quite overwhelming. That is just what ESA and NASA wish a crew of participants to do so as to examine the potential advantages of artificial gravity for extended space operations.

The study, which is being performed in Germany, would need a total of 24 volunteers to stay in bed for complete 2 Months. Participants will be seated at a bit slant so that their legs are somewhat elevated than their heads, decreasing flow of blood to the extremities, thereby resulting in muscle weakening.

When astronauts stay in space for an extended duration, their muscles pay a huge cost. Researchers who soar to the International Space Station, for instance, have to habitually exercise with resistance devices to maintain their bodies in the fine working state, but ESA and NASA aspire to know if sporadic maintenance with artificial gravity may also be helpful.

The two dozen participants—being examined in 2 sets of 12—will spend 60 Days sleeping, with sporadic tours to a centrifuge in the lab. The centrifuge’s spinning arm will drive blood back toward the participant’s feet, simulating the impacts of gravity and, the researchers anticipate, enlightening what advantages such a system may offer for real-life astronauts during their extended stays within space.

On a similar note, another recent by NASA states the more astronauts hang in space, the more prone they are to have viruses such as chickenpox, shingles, and herpes reactivate. The cause might be similar as for viral reactivation here on our planet: stress. Specimens of urine, saliva, and blood were gathered from astronauts after, during, and before short space shuttle trips and long-term ISS assignments. Herpes viruses reactivated in over half of the astronauts.

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