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Amazon’s HQ2 Approval Decision For Virginia Is Still Pending

In September 2017, Amazon revealed its plan to construct its headquarters. Initially, the headquarters were planned to be built in two halves, one in New York and the other half in Virginia. But last month only, the company scrapped the New York construction plan after the local leaders of New York opposed the approval. They were not happy with the incentives assured by city and state officials.

However, getting approval for building second headquarters HQ2 in Virginia is also not an easy task for Amazon. It has been decided that on the coming Saturday the panel of five local officials of the Arlington County Board will decide whether the government generated proposal of $51 Million will be granted to Amazon through voting.

Amazon’s HQ2 will be set to construct on National Landing picked by the company in November 2018. The site is located at the outer part of Washington DC, which is jointly owned by the City of Alexandria and Arlington County.

While obstruction from Arlington members is still burgeoning, the voting decision will be a political turning point between the supporters of the huge project and antagonists. This upcoming voting-based decision has given a chance to the antagonists by pressurizing for the country’s proposal to be reviewed again.

The currently decided amount of $51 Million based on the proposal includes $23 Million as cash funding for over 15 Years to Amazon, which will be retained back in the form of taxes implemented on Arlington hotel rooms. Around $28 Million of assured funding would be from Arlington to clear the future tax revenue to be thrashed on the site over the upcoming 10 Years.

Since the Year 2003, more than 34,000 jobs have been diminished in Arlington, which will be somehow counterbalanced with the release of 25,000 new jobs by Amazon after the completion of its HQ2 project.

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