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Intel To Develop The First Exascale Supercomputer In The US

The US may presently have the most powerful supercomputer of the world, but it is not resting on its success. A global race is on to develop exascale supercomputers (systems having the potential of calculating quintillion calculations per second) and this week, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry declared that sub-contractor Cray Computing and Intel will develop the first such computer in the US. The system will be dubbed as Aurora, and Intel is planning to deliver it to the Argonne National Laboratory of Department of Energy in 2021 in the Chicago area.

“Attaining exascale is very important, not only to enhance the scientific society, but also to enhance the lives of all people in the US,” claimed Sec. Perry to the media in an interview. “The next generation of exascale supercomputers and Aurora will use AI technologies and high-performance computing to regions such as climate modeling, cancer research, and health treatments of veterans.”

On a related note, the two fastest supercomputers in the world are now present in the U.S., as per the rankings that are issued every two years. Sierra and Summit, the two computers, both employ IBM tech.

Summit was named as the fastest computer in the world back in June 2018 when it performed the LINPACK mathematical test at a speed of 122.3 Petaflops per second. Ever since then, it has got additional upgrades, and it can now conduct the test at a speed of 143.5 Petaflops per second, offering it a huge lead on the other 499 supercomputers.

In the mean time, Sierra follows Summit with 1.6 Million processor cores in comparison to 2.4 million of Summit. Apart from that, both devices operate on same specs: Nvidia Tesla V100 accelerator chips with IBM Power9 processors. Yet, in spite of having less number of processor cores, Sierra was capable of edging the Sunway TaihuLight, a Chinese supercomputer.

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