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Google Needs Tasks To Manage All Your Reminders

Google has included some of the most asked Tasks functions in an attempt to make it the “one location to track what you require to perform in G Suite.” When you make or edit a task on the web from inside Calendar—you require activating Tasks for Calendar for the feature to show up on the menu—you will see a new field tagged as “Add date/time” to keep a reminder and show its reappearance.

When the time you set for a particular entry comes up, it will activate a Calendar notification on the PC. You will also get an alert on your iOS or Android device through the Tasks application. And in case you fail to remember to mark the entry as finished, you will get another notification the next day at 9AM. Apart from this, you can import reminders now from Gmail or Inbox, Assistant, and Calendar.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it is launching out a new function in search that can assist make research on a particular topic simpler over a prolong period of time. They are dubbed as activity cards, and as long as you are signed into your Google account, they will allow you authorization to your earlier search history on a particular topic straightly in the results. Whether you are searching for a few new recipes or a new gym routine, your earlier associated searches will be accessible on the results page at the top, making it simpler to “carry on your exploration,” as per Google.

You will be capable of removing products from your activity cards too, and if you do not like the function, you can switch it off completely. Pages you have visited earlier can be saved into a series so you can speedily access them later. You can search your collections by going at the bottom of the Google app or on the top left corner to the menu on the results page.

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