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Russia Shifts 20 Hypersonic Missiles Toward Testing Location

Approximately, 20 Russian missiles that the U.S. is presently unable to protect against were shifted to a military testing location, signaling another landmark for the Kremlin’s hypersonic weapons mission, as per to people well-known about American intelligence reports. One of the sources stated to CNBC, “This indicates they have the aim to build up these weapons and that they have set up this particular plan. The Russians have essentially decided that they are contented with the design and would now target on fine-tuning the weapon with the testing.” The air-to-ground hypersonic missile titles as “Kinzhal”—which is known as “dagger” in Russian—has been examined minimum three times. During July, the Kremlin productively tested the weapon alongside a target almost 500 Miles away.

According to a source, the U.S. intelligence report additionally stated that the hypersonic missile was assembled and released 12 times out of a Russian MiG-31 fighter jet. Also, the work is in progress to assemble the weapon on a strategic bomber. Reportedly, the weapon is anticipated to join the Kremlin’s arsenal as soon as 2020. The recent disclosures came an over a year after Vladimir Putin—Russian President—disclosed the Kinzhal system along with five other superior weapons. Out of the six weapons, Putin disclosed in March, CNBC stated that two of them would be all set for war by the end of 2020, as per to sources well-known of the U.S. intelligence reports.

On a similar note, recently, the U.S. started working on new missiles as Trump scrapped treaty with Russia. The U.S. military would begin developing and testing new, earlier suspended missiles after the U.S. anticipated withdrawal from a Cold War arms control deal with Russia, a step that some think can start a nonnuclear missile race in the Pacific, Europe, and beyond that. The Pentagon intends to start flight tests in this year of two types of such missiles, defense executives stated in recent time.

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