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Medical Team Plan On Including Extensive Training In Addiction Medicine

According to the U.S. surgeon general’s office, there are about 20 Million people in the nation dealing with the substance-use disorder. In the US, there is no slow down in the drug overdose problems. The doctors specializing in dealing with the addicts include practitioners certified with general clinical training by the board in addiction medicine are not quite low in number compared to the soaring abusers. Looking at the opioid epidemic, the US has started a new separate course for aspiring doctors interested in treating the substance-use disorders with the same mind and science as for the other diseases.

Dr. Hillary Tamar is one of the currently well-known experts in addiction medicine. The doctors have to deal with the drug abusers with a lot of patience and care as dealing with such patients may get painstaking. The understanding of addiction is something the practitioners have to develop during the years of study so as to understand the psychotic effect the certain drugs cause in the addicts. The doctors may find a certain group of addicts to deal with their family and personal life just like a normal individual but there is a deep down secret that has them forcing to glue on to the drugs to stay alive and happy.

According to the medical director of addiction medicine Dr. Anna Lembke at Stanford University, aspiring doctors like Tamar are required to help curb the drug abuse epidemic that nearly killed a quarter of the population. Right now, the students are showing interest in taking up the addiction medicine in order to help lower the death rate. Earlier psychiatry was a path to addiction medicine but now it has been included as a completely different course. The gap existent between the doctors providing the treatment and the number of patients is vast which is what the medical community currently trying to fill up. In Arizona, there are two addiction medicine fellowship programs that have received ACGME accreditation last year. There are many doctors who think that no special course for addiction medicine is required instead it be included in the primary care settings. The debate on the need for a separate course is on but there are many nations who have started including addiction medicine courses in their academics already.

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