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Investigational Blood Test Precisely Spots Fibromyalgia

For the first instance, scientists have proof that fibromyalgia could be dependably noticed in blood samples; work which they anticipate will pave the way for fast, simple diagnosis. The study was issued in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Researchers from the OSU (Ohio State University) reported success in finding biomarkers of fibromyalgia and distinguishing it from other related diseases. This discovery can be an important crossroads in the care of patients having a disease that is mostly undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, leaving them devoid of proper care and counsel on managing their fatigue and chronic pain, stated Kevin Hackshaw, Lead Researcher and a Professor at OSU.

Detection of biomarkers of the illness—which is a “metabolic fingerprint”—can also open up the potential of targeted therapies, he said. To identify fibromyalgia, physicians now depend on patient-reported data about a physical evaluation of patient’s pain and a multitude of symptoms, aiming at particular tender points, he stated. But there is no blood test, no solid, easy-to-use tool to present a quick answer. Hackshaw said, “We found the clear and reproducible metabolic outlines in the blood of patients having fibromyalgia. This has taken us very close to a blood test than before.” Although fibromyalgia is presently incurable and treatment is restricted to education, exercise, and antidepressant, an accurate identification have many benefits, Hackshaw asserted.

On a similar note, recently, studies have suggested that most of the people who have been identified with fibromyalgia by doctors might not actually have the disorder. A new study found that in general agreement amid clinicians’ identification of fibromyalgia and analysis by published criteria is just fair. During the study, 497 individuals visiting a rheumatology clinic did a health assessment questionnaire plus a questionnaire that reviewed fibromyalgia diagnostic variables utilized by the ACR (American College of Rheumatology). The individuals were also evaluated and identified by rheumatology clinicians.

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